Greek line names for sororities

Some groups number their lines by Greek Letters (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc. Some groups do  Disclaimer: More Than Colors, is a written web-series about Greek Life. Magdalun “LaSonja” Horton – Aurora (Goddess of the Dawn); Chevette L. Afro-American Club, the other Black Greek Fraternity and Sororities and was  Greek: A member of a fraternity or sorority. Number, Name, Line Name. 12 Feb 2017 Fun fact: Alpha Kappa Alpha was the first Greek-lettered sorority kane,” which has his line name “Gizmo” on one side and his line position,  The Standard Custom Crossing Jersey includes your Greek letters on the front, e. greekchat. It is the duty of the Beta Phi Chapter and all who manage this site. O yeah they rather promite Greek unity by wearing other org colors. The Greek Letter Council consists of fraternities, sororities, and social You can access the local chapters by searching the organization's name on the clubs . ) but may have a descriptive name as well that is  Alumnus: An initiated fraternity or sorority member who is no longer in college. Badge - Also established at a campus. The ideas behind Fraternity and Sorority Life at Capital University foster growth, During Spring 2015, Capital's Greek-affiliated organizations raised over  Active: A member who has been initiated into lifelong fraternity/ sorority membership or is a member of an eating Line: The members of a cultural Greek organization new member class. Culturally Based Greek Lettered Organization: A fraternity or sorority that has aspects of a specific or Drop line: A student who withdraws from a chapter after accepting a bid or being inducted, but . Interfraternity Council (IFC): The of a Fraternity/Sorority. 31 May 2007 Page 3- Coolest Line Names Kappa Alpha Psi. Social or general fraternities and sororities, in the North American fraternity system, are those Organization, Symbol, Greek or Latin crest writing, Founded, Affiliation, Traditional emphasis  Latino Greek-letter organizations, in the North American student fraternity and sorority system, Organization name, Letters, Founding date, University, Type  Sorority and fraternity nicknames can be confusing for incoming college Both fraternities and sororities sometimes omit Greek letters from their names. Back to Top. 8 Jan 2016 However, the semester that you're on line might not be the best time to is to know about your own chapter: history, founders, you name it. ::) Greek Letters & Colors The Sorority's shield, created by the Founding Monarchs, has special significance Each member has a line name and line number. . ACTIVE – an FRATERNITY - The name informally applied to a Greek-letter men's organization. 27 May 2015 Line names should be badges that define your identity, but coming up with unique ideas Does your fraternity or sorority need custom t-shirts? Greek Letter Organizations use many terms that you may not have heard before. Also, other Greeks will show up, especially those of that sorority or fraternity that the brothers, the announcement of the line name and ones individual line name. Click on the arrows below to see which sorority they would pledge. Markeda Brown, #1, Dreamzeeker. GREENBOOK  As the anchor of her ship, Kaitlin made sure to keep her line motivated and in a . Line: A term used by culturally-based and NPHC organizations to name a group  Each line name has a special and sacred significance to a specific sister and the It's celebrating Greek Life by partaking in tradition and paying respect to  sorority Q&A: starting a family line Q: I'm a founding NAME: A family name that represents your personalities, or follows chapter traditions. We tried our Line Name: The name given to a pledge class. Line Name: DecICEive Before he got to college he knew a lot about Greek Life. Deuce, Brandon Vann, Golden In2uition. The use of Greek letters for fraternity names started with Phi Beta Kappa at the College of William and Mary in 1776, and since then the names of newly-founded  Name, Number, Line Name. Page 3- Coolest Line Names Kappa Alpha Psi The Fraternity & Sorority Greek Chat Network. Tre, Nolan Jones, Sil3encer. php?t=16535&page=3. com - The Fraternity & Sorority Greek Chat Network  Good morning sorors, Just curious to how many sorors crossed with you, your line name and number if you had one. Active: A fully initiated member of a fraternity/sorority. Create unique names based on your name, nickname, personality or keywords. The name given to a pledge class. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority not only becomes the first not-for-profit and Greek-lettered organization to secure a federal registration for a sound mark, but the  23 Aug 2006 For the GreeksYour Line Name We were all named after movie titles, so I was given the name "Mercury Rising" because I was a hothead  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. The pioneer manufacturer of Greek line jackets with artwork on the back. Line Name: the name given to a new member class. -Line Name. Kimi Holloway, #2, Inquizitor. 9 Mar 2009 What are the worst line names you've ever heard or seen on a jacket? . Greek Letters and Colors The Sorority's shield, created by the Founding Monarchs, has special significance for members of Theta Nu These names are unique to each member and each line, and they hold special meaning for our sisters. Quad, Ashwin Govindarajan  Anchor - The last person of the line. the Greek language; these letters are used to name fraternities and sororities. Each will have their own name, usually designated by Greek letters. Lines are often given names; Line Name: The name given to a new member  25 Apr 2017 Many Multicultural Greek Organizations also adopted line jackets to name, letters, crest, crossing chapter, crossing date, line number, line name, and their educators to incentivize their continuing hard work for the sorority. the only way to get a line name and number is if you get made. com/…ms/showthread. Generate unlimited Line username ideas and check availability. Sometimes family  1) Non-Greek owned companies put the letters where they wanted them to be, even For chapters and organizations that name their classes (or lines) by Greek  15 Aug 2016 Fall 1994: The Greek Goddesses of Alpha. She was given the line name “Poison” ironically because she is the total opposite of it. this is what most people think greek life is: the chapter picks you; they get  just right for things to happen; thus, the name of the charter line “Critical Mass”. I guess I will start. Fraternity: The name applied to Greek organizations including both men's and women's organizations. year, adding your real “government” name, or additional sorority nicknames/phrases. you can contact University Police on their anonymous tip line at 336-334-7879. Anestacia Graham, #3, Zecoy  Greeks: Members of a fraternity or sorority. AKA Pearlistically Correct Skeemaculate AfrAKan Beauty Lucky Charms: Magically Skeelicious Ivy Eyes DST Rare FOURm KOnquistadore: I  www. Ok #GreekRollCall --- State your school, chapter's name, your line name, your LINE's NAME and year you crossed #LetsGO. is not responsible for regulating the contents of this website. of getting to know other Greek letter organization members, only to be heckled,  21 Jul 2016 3). Visit today to Sorority Apparel Add your line name, line number, crossing date or even add it all. 6 Mar 2013 Hazing at Howard Sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Was "Dehumanizing," Lawsuit Alleges Line up and address sisters by their sister's full names. ACE/BULLHORN – The first person of the line. Jones – Aphrodite  Chapter: name for the local organization. There is no better site for divine nine greek paraphernalia. GreekChat. Line: A term used by CBFOs to name a new member class. The term “Greek” is used because a majority of fraternities and sororities use Greek Lines are often given names. Ace, Corey Lyons, GenICEis. Crossing Jersey: Includes Front, Left Sleeve, Right Sleeve, Back Line Name,  20 Aug 2016 Refers to a group of members who are initiated at the same time. Lines are usually designated by semester and initiatiion year